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Independent Review by Beautiful Pacific

Tahiti scuba diving holidays rank amongst some of the best in the South Pacific. Visibility is excellent with 30 metres common the outside reefs and 20 metres in the shallow lagoons. And sea temperature are warm year round (26-29C). There are more than 30 certified scuba diving companies throughout the islands offering everything from beginner courses certified by both the French standard CMAS and by PADI to advance diving. Most instructors speak good English. There are several live-aboard scuba diving charters available for those with a real passion for exploration diving.

Tahiti scuba diving holidays offer an excellent variety of dive sites with some of the healthiest coral reefs in the world and a wide range of large marine life, particularly rays and sharks. Drift diving through channels is particularly exciting. As a summary, Bora Bora is renowned for its manta rays, Moorea for its shark feeds and Raiatea for its wreck dives. The best corals and reef fish are found in the Tuamotu Group with Rangiroa and Fakarava atolls famous for its exciting channel dives with sharks and other pelagics and Manihi and Tikehau reputed for their enormous schools of reef fish and soft corals.

Tahiti Island - the main island

Offers a good introduction to scuba diving with a bit of everything: wrecks, nudibranchs and leaf fish, and conveniently close to the western hotel chains. There are Gorgonian fans on the attractive Southern Peninsula, also walls from 3 to 60 metres. Experienced divers will enjoy the rich caves off Tahiti Iti in the east.

Le Meridien, Tahiti Island $$$$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Le Meridien, Tahiti Island
Le Meridien Tahiti is set mid way along the west coast of Tahiti near the islands nicest natural beach. With an imposing main reception and stunning mountain views, this is a classical style resort featuring the largest sand pool in French Polynesia and good surfing nearby.


Abundant shark population, sometimes in packs of 50 or more. Also Sting Rays, Napoleon Wrasse, Moray Eels and Turtles. Oponohu Canyons off the north coast and Tiki Point off the West Coast are the best shark feed dives in Tahiti.

Hilton Hotel, Moorea Island $$$$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Hilton Hotel, Moorea Island
The Hilton Moorea offers the most picturesque setting of all the resorts on Moorea with an attractive beach and placid turquoise lagoon in front of its imposing Polynesian style restaurant. The resort is located on the north coast of Moorea with a myriad of overwater bungalows.

Pearl Resort, Moorea Island $$$$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Pearl Resort, Moorea Island
Pearl Resort Moorea is located on a small beach on the north coast of Moorea and offering exceptionally presented bungalows and rooms. The Polynesian style reception leads down to an infinity swimming pool. Water sports are plenty and there's a small spa.

Sofitel Resort, Moorea Island $$$$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Sofitel Resort, Moorea Island
Sofitel Moorea Resort is a large resort on the quiet north east coast of Moorea close to the airport. Set on a sweeping beach with a beautiful outlook facing Tahiti Island. There are two restaurants, one overlooking a lilly-filled pond, the other directly over the waters edge.

Les Tipaniers Hotel, Moorea Island $$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Les Tipaniers Hotel, Moorea Island
Les Tipaniers is a good value hotel with self contained bungalows on the popular Hauru Beach. The hotel has a restaurant overlooking the beach and a long pier for easy access to the swimming and snorkelling lagoon. This is a good choice for those looking to enjoy watersports.

Bora Bora

Anau is renowned as the most prolific Manta Ray Sanctuary in the South Pacific, and whilst there's a good chance of seeing rays all over Tahiti, at Bora Bora you'll see hordes of them, particularly at Teavanui Pass. Its also great for sharks: lemon tips, black tips. Excellent also for snorkelling.

Intercontinental Resort, Bora Bora Island $$$$$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Intercontinental Resort, Bora Bora Island
Intercontinental Bora has two separate resorts. La Moana is located on a private beachfront adjacent to Matira Beach and has a gorgeous fine white sand with some of the most picturesque overwater bungalows in Tahiti. Thelasso offers greater privacy located on an outer motu island.

Sofitel Bora Beach Resort, Bora Bora Island $$$$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Sofitel Bora Beach Resort, Bora Bora Island
Sofitel Bora Resort is located on a lovely beach on the southern side of the main island of Bora with beach bungalows plus there's a private offshore island with accommodation aimed at couples. There's lots of water activities on offer from jet boat rides to catamaran sailing.

Hotel Matira Beach, Bora Bora Island $$$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Hotel Matira Beach, Bora Bora Island
Hotel Matira Beach sits in the heart of popular Matira Beach and a great spot for water activities and people watching. This small and friendly hotel has spacious wooden bungalows and offers excellent value for money and easy access to the islands restaurants and tours and day cruises.

Temanuata Beach Bungalows, Bora Bora $$ get hotels best rate quote

picture of Temanuata Beach Bungalows, Bora Bora Island
Temanuata Beach Bungalows is one of the few budget style accommodations in Bora Bora with a handful of private thatch bungalows. This pleasant beach property is located a few minutes stroll to popular Matira Beach and offers great value for money.

Tuamotu Group

The Tuamotu Atolls is the most famous shark diving destination in the South Pacific with over 10 species commonly sighted. All dives are through passes with fast flowing currents (good for experienced divers), lots of fish, rays , turtles and other pelagics as the ocean often plummets over 1,000 metres. Tikehau has exceptionally rich coral reefs with numerous and often vast schools of fish.