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South Pacific holidays are the stuff of dreams.

Within the vast expanse of the South Pacific Ocean there are literally thousands of tiny coral islands circled by sublime turquoise lagoons teeming with reef fish and dressed in colourful corals. You can swim in these unpolluted warm lagoons so clear that you can see a full 30 metres to the sandy bottoms or simply unwind on its exquisite soft white sand beaches under the cool shade of the iconic coconut tree. It's certainly no overstatement by saying the South Pacific Islands offer the best beach holidays in the world not only for honeymoons or getting married, but for family holidays too.

Rising majestically from these pristine lagoons are steep rugged islands with volcanic mountain ranges, dense tropical rainforest, gushing waterfalls and mysterious traditional villages offering great scope for adventure holidays. The people living in these delightful islands are by no coincidence amongst the most peaceful people in the world living a stress-free, happy-go-lucky life - Life here truly is a South Pacific paradise.

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South Pacific Holiday Guide

picture of local fishermen on a south pacific island

If the closest you've got to the South Pacific islands is watching the filmsCastaway (Fiji) or Mutiny on the Bounty (Tahiti) and you've always fancied swimming in that clear blue sea or sitting alone on that secluded beach, then you should look at our inspiring South Pacific Islands Overview to get an idea about what's unique about each island destination and from there you can start planning where to stay for your next South Pacific holiday. Whilst cloud-less skies, uninhabited islands, swaying palm trees and sunset cocktas are all stereotypes, they are associated with the islands because that's what you get! Of course there's a lot more to do than just relax around the beach. Surprisingly, the islands offer a great variety of activities, not just snorkelling and scuba diving but world class surfing, whale watching, rainforest hikes and white water river rafting. If that's all too much to get your head around then head to our South Pacific Tours page to see exactly what each destination offers in the way of activities.

Whether you're looking for a laid back beach holiday in the Cook Islands, a family retreat in the Fiji Islands, a more adventurous trip exploring the cultures and kastom villages of Vanuatu, or simply to marvel at the world famous coral reefs and wrecks in the Solomon Islands, you're at the right place to find all about the beautiful South Pacific Islands.

If this is your first time visiting the South Pacific islands and you need help selecting a destination, we suggest you start at our South Pacific Holiday Comparison Chart which gives a great overview of what each island has to offer compared to its neighbours. Or if you're more of a reader, then find out more from our detailed South Pacific Holidays Planner

My Favourite Destinations

# 1
Cook Islands

muri beach in the cook islands

Cook Islands holidays epitomise the South Pacific Islands - small, charming, exceptionally laid back and of course offering fantastic beaches. Head to stunning Aitutaki lagoon or enjoy the fantastic restaurants and beach resorts on Rarotonga.

# 2
Solomon Islands

local selling vegetables from dugout canoe in the  solomon islands

Off-the-beaten track travel with few tourists, incredible scuba diving, the most friendly people in the South Pacific and beautiful traditional villages. Experience a very different way of life.

# 3
Fiji Islands

castaway island fiji

The most popular holiday destination in the South Pacific islands, there are loads of beach resorts in Fiji for both families and couples. The 300+ islands offer excellent scuba diving and snorkelling plus plenty of day tours and cruises to keep you busy.

# 4
Vanuatu Holidays

tribal dance vanuatu

Boasting a fascinating culture, Vanuatu offers exciting adventure holidays with traditional villages to visit, active volcanoes to climb, dense rainforest for hiking and beautiful coral reefs for scuba diving including WWII wrecks. Port Vila resorts are popular too with families.

# 5
Tonga Holidays

  • Tongatapu
    uninhabited islands to explore
  • Vavau
    snorkelling and whale watching
beach in tonga islands

The tiny Kingdom of Tonga is a tourism backwater, shackled by Christendom, its King and Chinese politics. Despite this there are uninhabited tiny islands for travellers to explore and whale watching is outstanding.

# 6
Tahiti Holidays

traditional tahitian wedding ceremonyFrench Polynesia is vast and the majority of visitors arrive on honeymoon and stay in one of the many lavish over water bungalows on Bora Bora or Moorea islands. Enjoy striking tropical scenery and snorkelling / diving in the lagoons, but be prepared for inflated prices.

# 7
Hawaii Holidays

waikiki beach

When it's hot and humid in the South Pacific (Dec-Apr), it's nicely cool north of the equator in Hawaii. Despite the tackiness of Waikiki Beach and being Americanized, there's world class surfing, pristine golf courses, magnificent hiking trails and breathtaking scenery.

# 8
Samoa Holidays

waterfall in samoa islands

Popular with backpackers for its charming beach huts, Samoa has amazing waterfalls and lava fields. Its culture is not as acessible as other South Pacific islands but the capital Apia is a lively seaside town.

Pacific Islands

coconut palms in the south pacific islands

From the affluent French colony of New Caledonia to the massive atolls of Kiribati and the utterly remote speck of Pitcairn Island ... the lesser known South Pacific Islands are a treasure trove for explorers.

Map of the South Pacific Islands

map of the south pacific islands

Still confused where to visit?

Take a look at our South Pacific Holiday Comparison page which gives a quick glance on which country to visit for every type of holiday, from hiking to night-life and which has the best hotel selections.

or cut to the chase and find our favourite South Pacific accommodations here:
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